Faculty and Community Engagement


Engaging constituencies, especially parents and faculty, is an important component of creating systemic change.

Faculty Training

Programming includes initiatives such as:

  • Faculty focus groups aimed at identifying concerns, goals, and personal needs around emotional wellness
  • Faculty Wellness Team to regularly engage in the planning of activities to build faculty’s sense of community, wellness practices, and communication systems to support responsive and effective collaboration when helping students at risk

Community Outreach

Outreach activities include:

  • Parent Activities such as a focus groups, parallel parent-student programming (i.e., mindfulness, substance use, adolescent brain functioning, etc.) student panels on high school life and useful parental support, newsletters to parents regarding wellness initiatives
  • OYP can impact the town or city by partnering with or even helping to synchronize the activities of wellness work within the community, involving local first responders, mental health, youth, parent, clergy, government, and business organizations

Promote Emotional Wellness

Teens can promote emotional health awareness and practice through venues such as:

  • Town Fairs
  • Houses of Worship
  • Conferences
  • Small Business Events
  • Local Cable Television and Radio
  • Libraries

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Beth R. Pinals, Ed. D.
Licensed Psychologist & Emotional Wellness Consultant
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