Student Leadership

Leadership Team

Training in leadership, specifically in the arena of emotional wellness, occurs through weekly student meetings as well as through smaller group sessions. Some of the activities in this endeavor include:

  • Exploration of individual leadership strengths and areas for growth
  • Participation in / leading of team-building activities
  • Principles of and practice in networking
  • Communications and marketing
  • Program development and implementation
  • Specific mental health gatekeeper and peer counseling training
Many student leaders go on to bring emotional wellness initiatives into community and college settings.

Student Voices

OYP is grounded in the core premise that teens can be the inspiration, driving force, “voice” and ambassadors for wellness culture-building, with the support, scaffolding and safety net of the adult community.

In the spirit of increasing awareness about emotional health and community activism, students at Needham High School create an annual video to promote a culture of wellness.

They’ve also created mental health and suicide prevention presentations and videos for peers and adults.

Student Videos

Faculty Video

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